Information Security Consulting

Cyberspace has now become more vulnerable to a wide variety of security incidents, whether intentional or accidental, manmade or natural. The data exchanged in the cyberspace are being exploited for nefarious purposes by both nation- states and non-state actors. Data in store and the underlying IT infrastructure, is now vulnerable to plethora of security threats and exploitation. The threat to business and need for robust cyber security controls, policies and processes, to tackle the threat has now become of maximum priority for organizations.

Vertices helps organizations to build IT security strategy to handle these threats effectively.

Services offered by Vertices

Gap Assessment
The experts from Vertices help to identify the risk associated with existing IT landscape. Our Risk based programs provide a framework for the prioritization of threats. We help organizations to understand and evaluate the individual risks they face by considering two factors: the likelihood that a specific event will occur combined with any impact that the event may cause.

Security Roadmap Consulting
Experts at Vertices can help the organisations to frame future ready and business enabling IT security strategy. Consultants from Vertices will use the gap assessment report to establish current risk and threat matrix, and then build up the framework to not only to increase protection of critical cyber assets in prioritized areas but also to reduce overall security risks for organization’s IT and business assets. We will also help in prioritizing investments in IT security controls, based on the risk and corresponding business priorities.